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What does Miami’s class of 2027 look like?

More than 4,000 students will represent Miami’s class of 2027.
More than 4,000 students will represent Miami’s class of 2027.

When Vivian DiSalle applied to Miami University last year, she chose not to submit her ACT score.

“I felt like my test scores didn’t accurately reflect how I was as a student,” DiSalle said. “I just felt like I would have a better chance of going to college without my test scores.”

DiSalle is one of more than 4,000 first-years coming to Miami this fall as part of the class of 2027. The school has been test-optional since fall 2021, but more than half of this year’s incoming students chose to submit their scores.

Lindsey Holden, director of strategic recruitment, said Miami aims to recruit students who will be successful regardless of where they end up on campus.

“When we are recruiting prospective students, we are looking for students that would be a great fit at Miami,” Holden said. “We're looking at their academic criteria and for students who are successful both in and out of the classroom.”

According to Miami’s website, more than 28,000 students were admitted this year, nearly 7 times the number that committed.

Holden said that the array of areas comes from a full year of recruiting travel unhindered by COVID-19.

“We were very excited to be back traveling at full kind of full effort this past year,” Holden said. “We did over 2,100 travel events this year against a goal of 1,900.”

The final accepted students represented nearly 5,000 high schools and were 55.2% female and 44.8% male. In comparison, the class of 2026 had a 56.5% female to 43.5% male split from 5,201 high schools.

Holden said that Miami is happy with the incoming class and ready for another year of recruiting without COVID-19 restrictions.

“This is the first year post COVID where everything has felt really normal for recruiting,” Holden said.

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