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Letter from the President

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Dear Class of 2027, 

I am delighted to welcome you to the Miami University community, where we will live, learn, and grow together during one of the most dynamic inflection points in history. Change is the new normal, technology is accelerating as never before and your generation will leverage research, discovery and innovation to solve problems and elevate lives in ways not yet imagined. What was once science fiction — artificial intelligence, gene editing, xenotransplantation, quantum computing — is here today. We are here to prepare you to thrive in the emerging and technology-driven world, no matter your major. Your presence, your perspectives, your ambitions and passion for excellence enriches our campuses. 

For many of you, Miami is your first home away from home. You are beginning an independent adult life with its freedoms and responsibilities. At the same time, you engage in the education that will launch you into your first career. Enjoy this opportunity to grow, mature and explore your passions while you learn and prepare. We have over 220,000 successful and engaged alumni who are ready to assist you with internships, mentoring and job placement.

Whatever your planned major or leading interest, you will need certain habits of mind and action to flourish in that future. Those qualities are at the heart of a Miami education — critical thinking, inclusive excellence, global mindset, entrepreneurial imagination, sustainability awareness and transdisciplinary collaboration. Here are some ways to think about them as we prepare to start our semester. 

Critical thinking 

As we generate unprecedented volumes of information, our capacity to discern what is good, authentic and beneficial grows ever more important. Critical thinking means analysis of evidence, rigorous logic, comparison with what is already known and assessment of larger effects. Independent of your major, you will engage in critical thinking in your discipline and through your chosen Miami Plan courses. This approach energizes an environment of vigorous dialogue focused on ideas and respect for each person. You’ll find this in the dining halls, the residence halls, the libraries and the sidewalks, as well as the classrooms. Engage in the conversations and enrich them with your perspectives. 

Inclusive excellence 

Inclusive excellence means thinking about inclusivity in everything we do. Our culture of Love and Honor upholds the dignity and worth of every person, no matter their identity, background or perspective, making sure to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Diversity of thought and experience drives discovery, innovation and progress. We have a wealth of opportunities and experiences to help you grow in understanding and enjoy new cultural expressions. We also have a campus full of people who celebrate our differences and everyday life. Here, you can engage, celebrate, learn from and reflect on the rich variety of our community.  

Global mindset 

We have a great representation of international students and are a leader in study-abroad programs. Getting to know people from different countries, welcoming them into your friendship groups and sharing knowledge and experiences benefits everyone. Like inclusive excellence, this will enrich your college experience and is vital preparation for the globalized world where you will live and work. 

Entrepreneurial imagination 

Miami has one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the country and an ecosystem that encourages creativity, risk-taking, learning from failure and believing anything is possible. Entrepreneurship is broader than starting a company — it is a creative mindset. Here you are free to research a problem, write a novel, compose a song, direct a play, launch a business and create something no one else has done before. You will never be in a more supportive environment for bold, out-of-the-box initiatives. The Miami faculty are eager to work with you. 

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Sustainability awareness 

Miami is a leader in sustainability — we have cut our campus carbon footprint by more than half. We are on the way to carbon neutrality. In our case, you don’t see our significant investment as you walk around campus because it is geothermal — it is all underground or in our ponds. Our education, research and mindset aim to ensure that our planet thrives for generations far into the future. You can be a part of this commitment no matter your major. 

Transdisciplinary collaboration 

The challenges we face in society and our world are too large and too complex for any discipline to solve alone. Transdisciplinary collaboration breaks down the old barriers between ways of thinking to create powerful synergies for solutions. Share your expertise in this diversity of disciplines and watch progress accelerate. 

You’ll gain some of those qualities through your academics and grow through real-life friendships, projects, clubs, leadership opportunities, volunteering, dinner conversations and personal reflection. That is the aim of a Miami education — to empower you to achieve your goals, aspirations and purpose. Your success will also depend on your well-being. We have resources through Student Life that can help you sustain and advance your health and wellness while you study and engage with all our campuses have to offer. 

My wife Renate and I are eager to share the life of this community with you. You’ll get to know our focus on health and wellness, maybe at a Crawford Bootcamp or a spin-in movie, and you’ll see me biking around campus. Our golden retrievers, Ivy and Newton, are also excited to meet you. 

We are so happy you are part of the Miami family. 

Love and Honor!