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‘My passion can bring a change in that space’: Future educator reflects on their past four years at Miami

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<p>After going viral on the internet, Remy Allen knew that they would go to Miami University.</p>

After going viral on the internet, Remy Allen knew that they would go to Miami University.

When Remy Allen was a senior in high school, they went viral, and their life changed forever.

A photograph of future young Black educators went viral on the internet, and Allen was front and center. After the photo circulated widely, a liberal arts school in Oxford, Ohio, reached out to Allen, recruiting them for the school’s education program.

That’s when Allen knew they were going to Miami University.

“I feel like education is the most impactful job you can have,” Allen said. “I’m very passionate about the education of our youth, and where education is going is kind of scary, but I feel like my passion can bring a change in that space.”

Over the next four years, Allen would go on to use their passion to make changes at Miami.

They became the president of Black Women Empowered during their sophomore year and have held that position since. They helped reestablish the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated on campus, they are involved with multiple student organizations and they are a resident assistant in Anderson Hall.

This year, Allen began their teaching journey as a student teacher at the Hamilton High School Freshman Campus, and when they graduate, they plan to teach English language arts to seventh graders.

“I plan to teach for a couple of years, and then I want to go to grad school because I want to work my way up the education ladder,” Allen said.

Photo by Provided by Remy Allen | The Miami Student

Remy Allen came to Miami University after a photograph of future young Black educators went viral on the internet.

Throughout their various involvements, Allen met friends, faculty and staff that made their time at Miami memorable.

“The most important thing I learned [at Miami] is how you treat people says a lot,” Allen said. “I’m happy that when I leave Miami, I will know that I was loved by a lot of people.”

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One of those people is JaTayzia Agee, a senior education studies major. Agee and Allen lived in the same hall together during their first year at Miami, and Allen’s contagious energy attracted Agee.

“Their warm personality is what really struck me and wanted me to stay close to them,” Agee said. “Remy just has the best personality I’ve ever met.”

Although Allen just started student teaching, Agee said she has been learning from them throughout the past four years.

“One thing that I learned from Remy is to be myself at all times,” Agee said. “Remy is really open and really out in the community and just their authentic self.”

But Allen’s friends and students aren’t the only people who have learned from them. Allen has learned a lot from themself.

“If I could go back,” Allen said. “[I’d] tell my freshman self, ‘See it through. It gets better. It gets so much better.’”