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This week’s top YikYak posts

This week, The Miami Student Humor Staff compiled a list of our favorite YikYaks, grammatical errors and all.

Miami thinks they can win me over with funnel cakes and snow cones but I’ll remember the disaster that registration was this morning

Can we all blame Make it Miami kids for our registration

So who’s gonna tell Miami there are other time blocks than 10:05-11 and 11:40-1

Incredibly close to submitting records requests to find out how much this university spends on grass vs. BannerWeb

When all week you say “i’ll just finish this sunday” and then sunday comes around and you have no motivation to do anything nor the time to actually finish everything

I like that professors promote their friend professors by offering extra credit to attend their events. What good friends they are!

This weather has me asking myself if I’m a man or am i a muppet

These stress poops for my exam are cutting into my study time

for how much my parents pay for this school you would think we could have double ply TP

If the goggle girl was still on my Miami registration would not be such a nightmare

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