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Multiple Oxford restaurants and three dining halls receive critical health code violations

The Butler County General Health District health inspectors have issued “critical violations” to five Miami University on-campus dining areas. Five Oxford restaurants were also given critical violations when inspectors visited earlier this month.

Violations in Oxford went to SDS Pizza, United Dairy Farmers (UDF), Skyline Chili, Asia Market and Dairy Queen. On the campus side, MapleStreet Station, Martin Commons, Yager Stadium East Concessions, Market Street at McCracken and Western Dining Commons all got dinged.

MapleStreet Station received a critical violation when it was inspected on Aug. 26 because cream cheese wasn’t being kept at the proper temperature. 

Western Dining Commons was inspected on Aug. 30 and also received a critical violation because of an insufficient air gap between the flood rim and the water supply inlet of a self-serve beverage station.

Martin and Market Street were inspected Aug. 30, and Yager Stadium Concessions was inspected Sept. 9.

Martin Commons received one critical violation, and Yager Stadium East Concessions and Market Street at McCracken each received two. 

Martin’s food contact services weren’t easily cleanable, Yager had an issue where pressurized water wasn’t available to all fixtures as required, plus an insufficient air gap between the flood rim and the water supply inlet at a soda fountain. 

McCracken had a handwashing sink that wasn’t accessible and foods not being held at the proper temperature.

SDS Pizza was hit with three critical violations and ten non-critical violations. When it was inspected on Aug. 25, it received a repeat violation for unclean food-contact surfaces, and the other two critical violations were for storing food without a proper date marking and the presence of live insects. 

On Aug. 25, UDF also received two critical violations, one for unclean food-contact surfaces and another for not storing food at the proper temperature. Skyline was inspected on Aug. 31, and its singular critical violation was for an insufficient air gap between a flood rim and a water supply inlet. 

Jimmy Johns, inspected Sept. 7, and Dairy Queen, inspected Aug. 31, each received one critical violation. Jimmy Johns was cited for not storing food at the proper temperature, and Dairy Queen was cited for improperly storing poisonous or toxic materials. 

Asia Market was cited on Aug. 25 for lacking in cleanliness of equipment, food-contact surfaces and utensils. Asia Market also had refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods that weren’t properly date marked.

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Earlier in August, Miami University Catering, Gaslight Brewhouse, Kofenya and Patterson’s Cafe also all received critical violations.