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What Miami is Wearing: Halloween Predictions

photos from Wikimedia Commons
photos from Wikimedia Commons

Considering the spookiest day of the year is right around the corner, many Miamians find themselves scrambling for the right costume. 

This year students will most likely be dressing as an iconic character from their favorite movie or pop culture icon that is meaningful to them, making the costume more special and fun.

As Halloween approaches, here’s what I think Miami students will be wearing. 

Shagadelic Baby!

One of the top costumes I’m expecting this year – the Fembot – comes from “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” 

To make it even easier, Dollskill is selling the costume set in both pink and purple on its website. This costume is fun as both a solo or group look that will be fun and flirty.

There Will be Blood

Carrie, Steven King’s titular character who gets covered in pig's blood when she is crowned prom queen as a joke amongst her class, is an easy, scary, and iconic look for Halloween. 

The costume is both easy to source (needing only a pink dress, crown, and fake blood) and glam for a memorable Halloween look. 

New Perspective

Three different looks, one iconic character. 

As “Jennifer’s Body” surges in popularity after initially flopping at the box office more than a decade ago, many have been sharing their Jennifer Check costumes on Instagram.

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The purple color guard costume, sold by Dollskill, already sold out in all sizes before October even began. Jennifer also has an amazing winter dance look and iconic concert outfit which can be sourced easily online or at your local thrift store with some crafting. 

With Megan Fox’s increasing popularity and media attention, Jennifer is bound to be a big look this year, any way you play it.

Sell Me This Pen

A couple’s costume that will live in infamy – Jordan and Naiomi Belfort. 

Not only is The Wolf of Wall Street a favorite among Farmer School of Business students, but it’s a fun costume that won’t be approached with the “What are you?” question from anyone who’s seen the movie. 

Easily sourced for both parties as a turquoise dress and a suit, this costume offers minimum effort with maximum results. 

Oops, I Did It Again

In the wake of recent Britney Spears documentaries and the surge of the #FreeBritney movement, I’m expecting anything and everything Britney this Halloween. 

Similar to the MANG group costume in Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia released this past February, going full Britney is another great group costume or solo look that fits a variety of styles. 

If going as a dynamic duo, Britney and Justin Timberlake’s 2001 American Music Awards all-denim outfits are a great way to go. With low-priced denim available in a variety of thrift stores, sourcing this couples costume is both cheap and sustainable.


Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 305, Pitbull – a man of many names, and one great costume. 

Dressing up as Pitbull has been extremely popular this past year. From sorority big/little reveals to bald parties or even just for a TikTok, Pitbull has been all the rage. As Pitbull has been touring again, I hope to see many bald heads this upcoming Halloween.

Whether going solo, with a group of friends, or with a partner, make this Halloween one to remember by finding a fun costume.