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Miami releases vaccine exemption forms

In a Sept. 15 university-wide email, Miami University released information about the COVID-19 vaccination exemption process.

Students who wish to request an exemption must first complete a Healthy Together 2021 Canvas module.

The module begins with general information about the COVID-19 virus, including the short and long-term effects of a COVID infection and variant strains. Next, it presents information on the vaccine and addresses common reasons people are hesitant to get vaccinated.

Once students finish reviewing all the information in the module, they are then able to request either a medical or non-medical exemption.

Both forms require students to agree to a number of conditions of being exempt from the vaccine, including submitting to regular COVID testing, being excluded from all Miami facilities in the event of an outbreak and complying with Miami’s COVID policies, such as indoor masking.

Students requesting a non-medical exemption must then write a detailed statement about why they are requesting their exemption, including information on which religious or philosophical beliefs prevent them from getting vaccinated.

Those requesting a medical exemption must upload documentation from a licensed health care provider confirming their inability to get vaccinated.

Both exemption forms are due Oct. 15. If students do not submit an exemption by this date or receive their first dose of the vaccine by Oct. 25, they will not be eligible to register for spring classes.


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