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Editor picks - September

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Every month, our editors contribute to a Spotify playlist where they each put in their five favorite songs of the month. Read about our favorite picks from the playlist, and listen along with us by clicking the link or scanning the QR code.

“HONESTLY?” – American Football

Fall tends to be a time of nostalgia and melancholy for me, and as a former angsty teen, no music screams fall to me more than midwest emo. This song checks off all those boxes. The lyrics reflect feelings of growing up and looking back on youthful memories from a more mature standpoint. With a four-minute instrumental outro of layered guitars, it offers you time for introspection or to just be sad. – Lexi Whitehead, Asst. Campus & Community Editor

“MAPLE” – Jome

As my favorite season, I always wish fall would last longer than it does. The chorus of this song wills time to stop moving, as if reading my mind when I’m relaxed on a chilly, rainy day in October, “I’d give anything to stay here.” The lilting, soft instrumental underneath the lyrics is perfect for playing in those moments you find a bit of peace in the midst of whatever chaos life is bringing. – Cosette Gunter, Asst. Campus & Community Editor


Jay-Z and summer are like peanut butter and jelly. “Dear Summer” is all about saying goodbye to the hottest season. Hova is reminiscing on the summer: Literally, the season when most of his early hits got hot, but figuratively, the early peak of his career. When this song was released back in ‘05, Iceberg Slim was just coming back from retirement. Look what he’s done since. Let’s all make like Jazzy and leave the summer behind us; big things are coming. Jack Schmelzinger, Asst. Sports Editor

“TRY AGAIN” – Aaliyah feat. Timbaland

For the first time ever, Aaliyah’s music is available on streaming platforms. This song, from the “Romeo Must Die” soundtrack, was her only number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2000. However, the song still sounds like it came out yesterday. Between the iconic music video co-starring Jet Li and the hypnotizing beat by Timbaland, this song remains a classic. I’m just so happy that I don’t have to go to YouTube to listen to it anymore. – David Kwiatkowski, Sr. Campus & Community Editor & Entertainment Editor

“CLEOPATRA” – The Lumineers

I have been listening to this song on repeat for the last two months, but that doesn’t mean it’s a summer song. The soft strumming of an electric guitar and the upbeat drums that kick in during the first chorus perfectly pair to create a dance-around-your-room sort of song, despite the melancholy lyrics. The lyrics describe a lot of what it feels like to leave the summer behind for the grey skies of an Oxford fall … nervous and mournful, for sure, but also excited for new things to come. – Ames Radwan, Asst. Opinion Editor

“PEACE” – Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift released “folklore” in the summer, but nearly all of its songs are perfect for fall, and none more so than “peace.” The song is simple and understated, but powerful. Maybe I’m just a sucker for songs that make me feel like I’m floating, but I can live with that when it sounds this good. – Sean Scott,  Asst. Campus & Community Editor / Asst. Entertainment Editor

“JUNGLE” – Tash Sultana

This is the sexy fall song of your dreams. It’s the perfect tune to turn on and cuddle up with that person — or maybe just a book — whatever you can get access to. This song sounds like a September sunset. It’s been pouring through my ears as I’ve been pouring cups of coffee, and now that it's cold, I can fully recommend that for an amazing chilly morning experience.  – Rebecca Wolff, Opinion Editor

“THE RUN AND GO” – Twenty One Pilots

Listen. I am unabashedly a fan of Twenty One Pilots (except their new album), and I will always have a special place in my heart for their third studio album, “Vessel.” “The Run and Go” has a strong, upbeat melody juxtaposed with lyrics about killing a man and being “on the run and go” for it. As with most of Twenty One Pilots’ songs, the last 30 seconds of this song features lead singer Tyler Joseph shouting over the final notes. It’s perfect to scream-sing in the car with the windows down. – Maggie Peña, Multimedia Editor & Asst. Entertainment Editor