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ASG elects senators to steering committee, Student Life Council


At its Sept. 28 meeting, Miami University’s Associated Student Government (ASG) elected senators to its steering committee and the Student Life Council.

ASG’s steering committee determines the agenda of each meeting and reviews legislation before it reaches the senate floor. Two members of the committee are appointed by the speaker of senate, two are elected by senate and one is the current parliamentarian.

Off-Campus Senators Nav Chima and Danielle Stein were nominated to run for the two open positions. Both served on the committee last year.

Chima said she would ensure all pieces of legislation contained inclusive language and serve as a welcoming resource for senators if elected.

Stein said she would prioritize positive reinforcement for newer senators and establish office hours for the committee.

Both were elected and will join Off-Campus Senator Dan Bosworth, On-Campus Senator Terius Madrigal and Parliamentarian Omar Elghazawi on the committee.

The Student Life Council is a non-ASG committee that advises the Dean of Students. Two members of senate are elected to serve on the committee each year.

Senators Eli Davies, Terius Madrigal, Nikhil Patel, Cooper Morton, Maysa Constandinidis, Dan Pollock, Hunter Wells and Victoria Ogunnowo were nominated to run for the two positions.

Patel and Ogunnowo were elected to serve on the council.

ASG’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 6:15 p.m. in the Joslin Senate Chamber.


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