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The music video looks that never leave my mind

Music videos fill a void in me that I cannot understand neither the origin or the magnitude of. I religiously watched VH1’s “Top 20 Video Countdown” every Saturday as a kid (sadly, I was an infant for good TRL). I watched them getting ready for school. Me and my friends back home often watch them when we hang out and have been doing the same thing since we were 17.

I decided to make this list because I thought it would be fun, but I had a crisis in the midst; wondering if I am qualified in the slightest to comment on anyone’s clothing. However, for the looks I’ve chosen for this list, the sheer fact that I have spent more time thinking about them than I do my homework means something. 

Music videos hold a similar place in my heart as movies do, and the amount of times I daydream hypothetical situations where I can rock these looks is astronomical. Enjoy and if you have any ideas on how to recreate these on a budget, my email is at the end.

10.) Lady Gaga’s Mickey Mouse outfit in “Paparazzi”

I have a Mickey Mouse tattoo on my neck as well as a Mickey Mouse backpack. I own several items of clothing due to my family exclusively funding our wardrobe shopping sprees as children at the gift shops at Disney World. Lady Gaga could have filled every entry on this list if I didn’t limit myself to one, but her Minnie Mouse-inspired getup after she poisons Alexander Skarsgård is everything. My favorite accessory is her sunglasses. Fun fact: Beyoncé wears the same pair in the “Telephone” music videos.

9.) Selena Gomez’s powerful powdered wig statement in “Love You Like A Love Song”

I do not know who was on Gomez’s team that suggested she wear a powdered wig or if it was her own idea, but I am so thankful that they made this decision. She was 18 years old when this came out and I just find it admirable that she chose to for this look, and to pair it with yellow heels at that. This look makes no plausible sense for this song, but it has not left my mind since.

8.) Nicki Minaj in “Dip”

Nicki always comes through with any feature she is on, both lyrically and fashion-wise. I never really know what to expect from her. She can pull off any hairstyle I am convinced. In this video, Nicki’s red-and-black puffy coat with her matching combat boots looks equally as warm as it is stylish. Later in the video, Nicki reveals a matching bodysuit underneath as well. Another reminder that all of us are simply her sons.

7.)  Harry Styles wears fashionable gloves in “Golden”

Like most people of my generation, my brain absolutely short circuits when I see Harry Styles. In this video for arguably the best song on his “Fine Line” album, “Golden”, he is mostly wearing an oversize polo shirt and board shorts. However, his turn in a blue suit and pleated pants with a pair of studded gloves makes me want to go golfing with him...and maybe kiss him.

6.) Beyoncé in “Lose My Breath”

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This is one of my favorite music videos of all time. The entire premise is Destiny’s Child doing a dance battle with...Destiny’s Child. Who wins the battle? The third Destiny’s Child that comes in at the end and steals the show from the other two groups. Beyoncé’s yellow cropped hoodie and matching jeans coupled with her blonde high ponytail wins for me personally. This outfit is the perfect attire to wear to a dance battle.

5.) Saweetie’s icy bikini in “Best Friend”

This is a newer entry and one of my favorite songs right now. Doja Cat and Saweetie came together to create the TikTok song to end all TikTok songs. In the cold open, King Bach tries to sweet-talk the two rappers and Saweetie’s bikini top spells out her iconic “Icy” moniker. I am usually not here for green, but I think the bikini industry should invest in having words spelled out. 

4.) Britney Spears confirms she is from another planet in “Oops!...I Did It Again”

Every time I hear this song, I want to be wearing a red leather spacesuit. Arguably one of the most recognizable music video looks of all time, Britney is literally a human Barbie in the best possible way. It is hard to quantify when peak Britney is, but this was Britney trying to prove herself as being more than “...Baby One More Time,” and by jove, she did it again. 

3.) Perrie Edwards from Little Mix in “Touch”

Little Mix is one of the most underrated musical acts of our time, and it’s just not fair. They always deliver from their vocals to their production to their choreography, everything is top tier. I have watched this music video more times than I care to admit, and Perrie’s outfit has boggled my mind since my first viewing. She is wearing a nude bodysuit over a pink hoodie with white thigh-high boots. The corset and the hoodie don’t necessarily go together and her ensemble differs from the rest of the group, but my appreciation has grown for it over time. It’s weird, but I love it.

2.) Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in “WAP”

I like to think that we are living in a post-”WAP” society and it will take historians years to be able to fully understand the impacts. My favorite look here is Cardi and Megan’s green-and-purple ensemble. It gives me a mix of promo for Planet Fitness and a deleted scene from Disney Junior’s “Imagination Movers.” 

1.) Aaliyah in “Try Again”

No one has and ever will do it like Aaliyah did. This look from her #1 hit “Try Again” is the look her Madame Tussauds wax figure is modeled after. Celebrities like Keke Palmer and Kim Kardashian have recreated it in years past. From the black leather pants to the matching studded bra and choker, this is a look I have often thought about recreating. It is simple, but elegant. It’s sexy, yet understated. I think about Aaliyah’s untimely death almost daily and it’s looks like this that remind me of why she was one of the greatest to ever live.