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A town fit for a Queen: Dairy Queen set to open in Oxford summer 2021

<p>The Oxford Dairy Queen is set to open this summer, modeled after the new-generation style, like the Liberty Township location (pictured above).</p>

The Oxford Dairy Queen is set to open this summer, modeled after the new-generation style, like the Liberty Township location (pictured above).

Graeter’s and Spring Street Treats will have some new competition in Oxford starting this summer: Progress toward opening a new Dairy Queen (DQ) is currently underway.

Junior Libby Boothman (favorite blizzard: Reese's peanut butter cup) is just one of many Miami University students anxiously awaiting the opening of the DQ.

“I love DQ, but I don’t have one in my hometown,” Boothman said, “so when I heard they were putting one in Oxford, I freaked out.” 

Formerly a KFC, the DQ is set to be located at 5046 College Corner Pike, next to Bob Evans. The DQ will be built in the new generation style, meaning it will have a more modern, updated look compared to other DQs.

Brad Huelson (favorite blizzard: classic Butterfinger) is the owner of the Oxford DQ. He said he chose to come to Oxford because he knew it would be attractive to students during the school year and Oxford locals during the summer.

“I am extremely excited,” Huelson said. “I ran Waffle Houses with my business partner for 20 years, but we decided to open the DQ because it is fun and the staff is great.” 

The opening of the Oxford DQ has been in the works for several months now, with hiring processes going back as far as November, though the building and development process has not been without challenges.

Huelson said the process of turning the 30-year-old building into a functional and aesthetically appealing facility is time-consuming and costly. 

“Regardless, I know that it will be well worth it in Oxford,” Huelson said. 

Currently, the closest Dairy Queen to Oxford is located more than 20 miles away in Liberty Township. This is where the staff who are planning to work at the Oxford location have been receiving training over the past couple months.

Tygerlilly Labello (favorite blizzard: Reese’s peanut butter lover) is a fifth-year undergraduate student at Miami majoring in psychology, but she is also one of the incoming assistant managers of the Oxford DQ. Labello was first hired as assistant manager in January 2021 and has been training at the Liberty Township location since then.

“I help crew members, make sure the shop is well organized and even get to write on cakes with frosting,” Labello said. “I love this job, and I look forward to seeing it in Oxford this summer.”

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Whether it’s burgers or birthday cakes, the Oxford Dairy Queen is sure to provide all Oxford residents with yet another option for their late night snack, post-exam reward or just an average day’s treat.