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Local Man Reunites with Imaginary Friend

After spending more than a month alone in his one-bedroom apartment, James Carter was shocked to find his childhood imaginary friend, Davey, sitting on his sofa last Monday. 

Carter, who has been self-isolating since March in accordance with state-wide orders, only became aware that his childhood playmate was back when he realized someone had knocked over his trash can.

“At first, I wondered if I had done it and forgotten,” Carter said, “but then I remembered Davey and how angry he always used to get. It couldn’t have been anyone else.”

The two spent several hours catching up on the years they spent apart. Their original friendship had ended abruptly when Carter was eight years old.

“I haven’t seen Davey since the third grade, when my mom found out that he broke the front window again,” Carter said. “She got all worked up, screamed ‘Davey isn’t real’ and banned me from talking about him again.”

Davey has apparently broken Carter’s phone screen, finished his supply of alcohol and texted all of Carter’s ex-girlfriends since his reappearance, but according to Carter, these actions mean little in the face of their friendship.

“Of course, Davey has his flaws,” Carter said. “We all do, don’t we? It’s just nice to have some company in these difficult times.”

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