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Treating Every Dinner like a Themed Party for a Week

I’ve been re-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians …  like for a few hours every single day. 

I’ve been keeping up for years, but quarantine has amplified my obsession. It’s not just me either. My entire family watches it – even my dad. We all know I’m the Khloe of the family, and because the rest of my family was feeling just as bored as I was, we decided to each dress up as our Kardashian counterpart for dinner.

So there I was, in my Khloe’s night-out outfit, my older sister as Kourtney, my younger sister as Kylie and my parents as Kris Jenner and Scott Disick. Yes, I looked the best, but my family really stepped up to the plate.

We had a good time, and we figured we’d keep doing it. So, we did, for a whole week, featuring a different theme each night.

Day one – Kardashians. Blue sparkly tight dress, sparkly pink heels, pink hoop earrings and a purple jacket that looked like a mop. Check.

Day two – I forgot about an essay I had to write, so I missed dinner. Oops.

Day three – Decades. My family didn’t join me on this one, because apparently, they are a bunch of losers. It’s OK, though, because I actually loved this look. I went for a  grungy look with some straight leg black jeans, high-top Air Force 1s, a clear belt with silver accents, a teal knit cardigan and a pink graphic crop tank to tie it all together. Check.

Day four – Pajamas. I was feeling the cozy vibes, and my look — grey sweatpants matched with my grey cropped fleece hoodie — definitely served its purpose. Check.

Day five – Swimsuits. We were having fish tacos, which we always eat way too many of when we go to Mexico. And what do we wear in Mexico? Swimsuits, baby. I broke out my best PacSun black sparkly two piece. I haven't had any excuse to bust out a swimsuit in a hot minute, and I looked hot in it. Check. 

Day six – Favorite cozy gettup. This may seem similar to pajamas, but we all wore different outfits from PJ night, so trust me; it’s OK. I wore my white knit sweater, my fuzziest sweatpants, a warm beanie and my ugg slippers. Check. 

Day seven – Après Ski. I didn’t know what that meant either. I just told my family Ski theme, but my parents are avid skiers. Apparently, Après Ski is just a pretentious way of saying after skiing. But I went with it because it’s a whole vibe of music and food, so I thought it could be fun. It was. This turned out to be my favorite night. I wore camo leggings, a red ski jacket and a beanie with googles on top. We made a shotski, listened to mountain music and ate chocolate chip cookies. It was great. Check. 

Some of the outifts and themes were dumb. I don’t think I’ll be wearing my swimsuit to dinner anytime soon unless I’m sitting poolside. But that’s the thing — none of us are going anywhere any time soon. 

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Don’t let all of your beautiful going out clothes waste away in your closet. Quarantine sucks, but eating chicken with your family is way less annoying when you look fly. Give yourself any excuse to look dope during this time, because it made me feel a whole lot better than I did when I was chilling in my sweatpants all day. 

So strap on your heels, ski clothes or PJ’s and walk into your dining room like it’s the hottest club in town, ’cause it may as well be.