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Talawanda school district treasurer dies from coronavirus

<p>Mike Davis, treasurer of Talawanda school district, passed away due to complications from the novel coronavirus. </p>

Mike Davis, treasurer of Talawanda school district, passed away due to complications from the novel coronavirus.

Mike Davis, Talawanda school district treasurer, died last week at age 65 of complications from the novel coronavirus.  

Davis’ passing marked the third coronavirus-related death in Butler County.

Davis graduated from Talawanda High School in 1973 and played football at the University of Kentucky before later returning to his alma mater to serve on the school board as treasurer.

“Mr. Davis' passing has been awful to everyone,” Edward Theroux, superintendent of Talawanda schools, said in an email to The Miami Student. “People, including me, are still in shock. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his wife, three sons, grandchild and other family and friends.”

In a press release on April 13, the Butler County Health Department announced that a third Butler County resident had died from coronavirus, and that it was unknown how he contracted the virus.

“My condolences go out to loved ones of the person who passed. We all need to pull together as a county and do everything in our power to reduce the likelihood of additional deaths in our community,” said Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer in the press release. “We are in this together, Butler County.” 

Talawanda schools have taken actions to stop the spread of coronavirus in multiple ways, including deep cleaning all buildings, virtual school board meetings and the promotion of healthy and effective measures to all students and families through social media and emails, Theroux said.

In addition, Talawanda schools are “actively involved with FEMA, Butler County Health Department, the Governor, County Superintendents, and community agencies to plan, share information, and be both proactive and reactive in our decisions.” 

On April 16, an organized procession of cars drove from Talawanda Middle School to the Davis home as a way for students, families and community members to pay their respects.

Theroux encourages Talawanda students to stay positive, reach out when they need help and keep supporting others.

He also commended the community for its continued support throughout coronavirus closures and Davis’ passing.

“Anytime there is a person who passes on while that person has made their mark while here on Earth, there is a hole,” Theroux said. “It is important for us to support his family and loved ones during this time.”

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