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Conquering Quarantine: A 2020 survival guide

Stepping out onto the streets of Oxford is a unique experience right now. Storefronts lie darkened, the sidewalks of Miami’s campus sit largely empty and only the occasional car rumbles over the city’s cobbled roads.

While the university’s red-brick buildings stand as sturdy as they ever have, their hallways and classrooms are devoid of students. 

This time of chaos and quarantine is a difficult one for many. That's why it’s important now more than ever to continue to find ways to relax, unwind and decompress.

So here’s another Miami Student survival guide: quarantine edition. This one might be a bit more necessary than either of my previous guides, so here’s to hoping it’s helpful, even if only a little. 

For those looking to reconnect with the outdoors, Oxford offers several opportunities for just that. Despite the governor's order to remain indoors, there’s an allowance for outdoor time. The order states that time spent hiking, running, biking and more is still allowed, provided individuals practice social distancing and keep the health of others in mind. 

That being said, this quarantine would be an excellent time to take to the many trails both on and off Miami’s campus. 

The bluffs at Peffer Park provide a chance to take in a stunning natural view from the heights of Oxford’s finest cliffs. The trails are a tad more treacherous than a stroll on the sidewalk, but the vistas are worth it. 

Miami’s campus features a sprawling network of trails as well. They cut through a stream and wrap around the equestrian center, winding down around the northeastern section of the school grounds. For anyone looking to get off the beaten path but still stay on campus, these trails might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Anyone seeking to indulge in the outdoors while still staying close to home need only look as far as their backyard. Spring is in the air, despite the current chaos, and gardening is an excellent outdoor outlet. Seeds of all shapes and sizes can be accessed relatively easily online, and with a little time and effort, a blank backyard canvas can be transformed into a colorful cornucopia.  

Heck, even sitting on the porch or in the yard and simply doing homework can be a relaxing remedy. Sometimes just taking in some fresh air can be all it takes to turn a day from stagnant to vibrant. 

But hey, maybe outdoor expeditions aren’t for everyone. There are plenty of ways to stay stimulated while remaining indoors. 

Museums and monuments across the world are taking their exhibits online to give people a means to enjoy them despite the social lockdown. From Stonehenge to the Louvre, attractions of all kinds are allowing attendees to digitally explore world-famous landmarks. 

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But one hardly needs to take in the wonders of the world to stave off boredom. 

Even something as simple as a wardrobe change can be a source of rejuvenation. Giving outfits that rarely get to see the light of day a chance to shine — even if it’s just within the confines of the living room — can help differentiate the days from one another and provide some spice to an otherwise ordinary afternoon. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list of activities to make this quarantine a little easier. The empty streets and quiet campus are sure to remain bizarre for weeks to come. It won’t last forever. 

Stay strong, Miami.