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Five old sports games to watch during the coronavirus pandemic

We all go a little crazy sometimes.

Stay-at-home orders across the country mean we all are running out of things to do. Luckily, the one constant for most people has been the internet, which is full of old sports games to fill the void. To kill a couple hours of your day, I’ve compiled a list of archived games on the internet that everyone can watch for free.

1. Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons 1991 Eastern Conference Finals Game Four

Ah, sweet revenge. 

Watching the Jordan-era Bulls finally break through the barrier of the Bad Boy Pistons brings back some great feelings for Chicago sports fans like myself. 

Plus, who doesn’t love watching MJ and the gang?

2. Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills 1992 AFC Wild Card Game

Take this one of two ways: either revel in the amazing comeback that was “Circle the Wagons” or curl up into a ball when you see the Oilers choke away a 32-point lead. The choice is yours, but either way this game is a classic.

3. Cincinnati Reds vs. Boston Red Sox 1975 World Series Game Six

This is so the editor-in-chief can see I have a Reds game on here. 

All jokes aside, this game features some of the best baseball players in history, and seeing as we all have time for a few extra innings, this game is worth a watch.

4. New Jersey Devils vs. Colorado Avalanche 2001 Stanley Cup Final Game Seven

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Winner-take-all games are usually the best. 

They get even better when there is an elder statesman on the team, making this playoff run his last ride. Raymond Bourque was that for the Colorado Avalanche. Watching captain Joe Sakic let Bourque raise the Stanley Cup first gets me every time. 

5. Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians World Series Game 7

Apologies, Ohio natives. 

Personal bias aside, this game was fantastic. Drama, strategy and … well, the Cubs broke the longest championship drought in American sports history. I still hate former Cubs manager Joe Maddon for scaring the crap out of me with some of his moves in this game.