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Miami cancels commencement ceremony due to coronavirus concerns 

University President Greg Crawford announced the cancellation of this year’s commencement ceremony due to concerns of the spreading of novel coronavirus in a university-wide email Friday. 

“The Class of 2020 has had a positive, lasting impact on Miami, and we will all celebrate your time here, even if it is ending differently than any of us expected,” Crawford wrote. “This is not the end of your Miami story, but the beginning of your journey as Miami alumni, and we look forward to seeing all of you back here many times over the coming years.” 

The decision to cancel was made by Crawford with input from health officials and members of his staff. 

“The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and local communities is our top priority,” said Ted Pickerill, executive assistant to the president. “The president sought information, advice and input, and ultimately the decision was his. We know it is extremely disappointing, and we had hoped it would be otherwise.” 

Second-semester seniors like emerging technology in business + design and marketing major Brian McDonald have had trouble adjusting to the recent changes such as online classes for the rest of the semester. With classes online, he has not been able to continue work on his independent study of developing software for virtual reality, which requires resources that are at the university. 

With the way things have been unfolding, the cancellation of commencement was something he said he saw coming. 

“[There’s a] lack of closure for such a huge event,” McDonald said. “We've built our life around [commencement] for the last four years, but all of a sudden, we can't even put, like, the period at the end of the sentence.” 

Pickerill says that although the ceremony in May is canceled, the university is actively looking for other options to bring the 2020 graduates and their families together at a later time. 

Although the university has not yet specified what those other options might entail, senior emerging technology in business + design major Sarah Hale started a petition on to advocate for a traditional commencement ceremony in August or September of 2020 or whenever the university deems it safe to hold large gatherings again. 

Hale modeled it off a similar petition made by students at Stanford University. The Miami petition, which was posted after Crawford’s announcement on Friday, has gained more than 1300 signatures within 24 hours. 

“I think it’s so special being a part of the Miami community,” Hale said. “It’s something that only people that went there can understand … You develop this understanding and this heart for the place that you invested so much time in, and I just want to give it that farewell that I think that all of us were kind of hoping to end our experience on.”

Additional reporting by news editor at-large Rachel Berry.

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