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Sigma Tau Delta establishes ‘Lit Little Library’ book exchange station in Bachelor Hall

If you have a bunch of old books just sitting around in your room, International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta has a solution. 

Located on the third floor of Bachelor Hall, the “Lit Little Library” is a book exchange station where students are encouraged to leave their unwanted reads and pick up any book that catches their eye in return. 

Despite its recent establishment, Sigma Tau Delta’s Marketing Officer, Alayna Cowden, said the free library has been a success.

“When I set [the library] up, it literally had like four books in it, and then the next day I came back, and it was overflowing … I was a little bit scared that people were just going to take books and not leave any,” Cowden said. 

Students are encouraged to leave a variety of books at the library including used textbooks, novels, poetry books, and young adult and children’s literature.

“[Sigma Tau Delta] is getting in contact with Oxford’s public library and seeing if we can donate any young adult novels we get or children's books we get. I've heard that they are always happy to accept donations,” said Sigma Tau Delta’s President, Henry Roach.

Because the library is less than a week old, Cowden said Sigma Tau Delta doesn't currently have any future plans relating to book exchanges but would like to see the concept continue to grow.

“If we could set something up in Armstrong for the weekend or organize a bigger version of a book swap, that would be really cool,” Cowden said. “We haven't even had the chance to get together as an executive team to talk about ‘Oh my gosh, this is going really well should we do anything else.’”  

For now, the “Lit Little Library” will remain in Bachelor Hall with the goal of providing passerbyers with quick, easy and free access to books.

“[The library] kind of speaks to the core values of Sigma Tau Delta,” Roach said. “We just want to encourage people to engage with literature.”


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