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No coat? Big problem.

<p>Southern first-year students are excited and concerned about experiencing their first winter.</p>

Southern first-year students are excited and concerned about experiencing their first winter.

The snow started falling outside, and first-year Mango Lapack couldn’t contain their excitement. They went bursting out their dorm’s door to meet the delicate flakes falling to the ground. 

Suddenly, the mood shifted as Lapack realized just how cold it was. All they had was a jean jacket and no winter coat. As they shivered their way back inside, Lapack made a mental note to buy a coat online when they got back to their room. 

For many out-of-state students, the recent cold-snap has shown just how unprepared they are for the Ohio winters. Lapack, a zoology major from Dallas, Texas, is somewhat familiar with cool weather, but in the move to Miami University, they didn’t think to bring winter clothes. 

“I don’t have any winter clothes,” Lapack said. “I just have one of those jean jackets with fur lining.”

Lapack said that their mother has since sent them gloves and a hat, but they had to buy a winter coat online. Over winter break, Lapack plans to buy winter boots to take back to Miami.

“I’m usually surprised about how little I know about winter gear,” Lapack said. 

First-year biochemistry major Maggie Bogomolny is from San Diego, California and is having a similarly difficult time adjusting to the cold. Bogomolny didn’t bring any winter clothes with her, and during one snow, she had to borrow a coat from a friend. 

“I was wearing long-sleeves, and I was really cold because it was freezing,” Bogomolny said. “[My friend] gave me his jacket and said ‘Here, put this on.’”

While she’s been in snow before, Bogomolny said that people in Ohio react differently to the cold than she has previously experienced.

“People go outside with shorts [and] a t-shirt in 40 degree weather while I’m shivering in my big fluffy coat and long pants,” Bogomolny said.

Lapack said they are really excited for the cold weather after experiencing snow in the past.

“I like the cold, probably because I didn’t have it as often in Texas,” Lapack said. “I’m usually more excited when it’s cold than other people.”

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Bogomolny was able to borrow a coat from her mom, which she said barely fits her. However, she said she is excited for the snow to begin sticking. 

“Back home, we have like one-and-a-half seasons,” Bogomolny said. “I came [to Miami] because I knew I was going to get seasons.”