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Miami wins award for internationalization

Miami University President Greg Crawford and other faculty members traveled to Washington D.C. to receive the 2019 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization on Thursday, Nov. 21. 

Miami was one of five institutions that won the award back in March 2019. The award was in the comprehensive category, which recognizes schools who use an “integrative approach” to internationalizing their campuses. 

Cheryl Young, assistant provost for global initiatives and e-learning, explained that internationalization is not just about going abroad. Instead of only working toward sending students to other countries, the university has worked to integrate more international programs across campus. 

Young said the award was given to the university for its globally-focused programs, including global alumni connections, the Global Miami Plan and the Global Readiness Certificate. 

“Other colleges don’t have programs like the Global Miami Plan, which works across cultures,” Young said. 

She said Miami has worked toward this award for many years through various undergraduate initiatives and faculty-developed programs. 

After receiving the award, Crawford participated in a panel with four other university presidents whose universities also won the comprehensive award. 

“I do believe that international experience is a living laboratory for the liberal arts,” Crawford said.  

The award comes in the midst of international education week, a week celebrating all of the students and faculty involved with the liberal, international education offered at Miami. 

Crawford said that the university’s previous internationalization goals have been met, and now the focus is to continue that momentum through technological advances.

Young said that one such goal of her department is to continue integrating technology in globalizing students to “expand and develop economic growth.” Young said that this growth would include finding innovative internships for students and expanding campus research to reach a more global audience. 

“Technological mediation is important for the future,” Young said,“We can bring [classrooms] together, whether in southwest Ohio or southeast Asia.” 

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This modern take gives more students the opportunity to globalize, some of whom may otherwise not have the means to study abroad. Technology is vital, Young said, in providing the opportunity for students to increase their knowledge of the world. 

Young emphasized that the internationalization efforts were collaborative among students and faculty alike.

“This award is for everyone at Miami University,” she said,“not just myself and President Crawford.”