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Letter to the Editor: Let student comedy groups shine!

I am a parent of two Miami University graduates and one current student. It is always fun to attend events in Oxford and see the talent of the students during parent’s weekend. 


This year was no different. However, I was a bit dismayed when, at the John Mulaney show, he announced that when asked, the university indicated there were no student comedians to open his show. 


“So, I asked if there were any comedians in Oxford and apparently there aren’t,” Mulaney said.


What was the barrier to supporting Miami’s own Sketched-Out Improv troupe? 


I have nothing against the acapella singers that were brought in. They did a lovely job … but the soulful songs, although well presented, didn’t exactly energize the room. 


Over the years, I have had the pleasure of attending a few of Miami’s Sketched-Out shows and, frankly, they are both talented and funny. They would have warmed up the audience for an entire night of laughter and it would have made much more sense. It was disappointing that the university did not support the Sketched-Out group in this instance. 


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You missed out on a talented and entertaining group of young comedians that are your own. Be proud of them and I hope next time you will highlight them and support the fact that indeed, Miami does have comedy … and it’s really good!


Thank you.

Ingrid Johnson is the parent of two Miami graduates and a current student. She lives in Denver, Colorado.