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A sticky situation

A key component in chocolate milk, a delicious addition to ice cream, an ingredient in a multitude of desserts — there are many, many uses for chocolate syrup. 

But a topping for an automobile? That’s a new one. 

A man walked outside to go to work on Sunday, Oct. 20, to find his car covered in chocolate syrup, with pizza boxes thrown inside, according to a police report. 

His girlfriend had recently refused to hold another man’s hand at a haunted house, saying it made her uncomfortable. 

The woman thinks it was that man who vandalized the car. She said she saw him speeding past her house and yelling. 

Later, her boyfriend came out to find chocolate syrup poured over the outside and inside of his truck. There were also Little Caesar’s pizza boxes flipped over in the cab of the truck, with cheese sauce on the door. 

“I would see why someone would be carrying pizza home, but I don’t understand why anybody would have chocolate syrup handy, which is also what makes it in some ways seem personal,” said Oxford Police Lieutenant Lara Fening. 

The man and his girlfriend both think they know who committed the crime, but they won’t be pursuing charges. 


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