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18 former Delts could face assault and hazing charges

Eighteen former members of the Delta Tau Delta (Delts) fraternity could face a total of 68 misdemeanor charges as a result of hazing allegations made by a new member last spring, according to the Hamilton-Journal News

Delts was suspended for 15 years after a new member reported he was hit with a spiked paddle, beaten, spit on and forced to drink alcohol at a ceremony to meet his “big brother” on March 16. He later told his fraternity brothers to take him back to his dorm room. 

Shortly after, he told his girlfriend, “Call 9-1-1, I feel like I’m going to die.” He was hospitalized that night with a blood alcohol level of .231, which is nearly three times the legal limit. 

Miami University investigated the incident and charged Delts with three code of conduct violations. The decision was appealed twice before the fraternity was given the 15-year suspension. 

A grand jury recommended the 18 former Delts members be charged with assault, a first degree misdemeanor, and hazing, a fourth degree misdemeanor, according to the Journal News. Individual students face a range of two to seven charges each. 

The Journal News reported that the following current and former students could face charges: Andrew Michael Brinkman, Hugh Walker Webster, Michael Keen, Liam Joseph Newcomer, James MacKeigan, Joshua Karl Plaster, Tyler Joseph Glowaski, Connor Richard Meek, Alex Joseph Niezyniecki, Scott Charles Sidner, Nicholas Griswold, Jason Londa, Grady McMichen, Samay Lakshya Pahouja, Nicholas Carmichael, Benjamin Grossheim, Bennett William Faloni and Jonathan H. Rauch.

The Miami Student will update this report as more information becomes available. 

This story has been updated to reflect that no charges have been filed against any of the former Delts. A grand jury has only recommended charges be filed. The number of misdemeanor charges was also corrected to say 68 instead of 64.


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