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Local woman looking forward to ignoring red flags in new relationship

Miami University junior Courtney Bellevue was excited to announce that she recently started seeing someone, and is viewing her new relationship as an opportunity to practice ignoring red flags.

Bellevue was introduced to Chase Gallagher, a super senior, by mutual friends at "The Woods," during the first weekend of school. Gallagher was originally flirting with Bellevue's friend, Ellie Wilson, but shifted his attention to Bellevue after finding out Wilson had a boyfriend.

"He wasn't actually into Ellie, they just know each other from class," Bellevue said. "Wasn't that convincing? I really sounded like I believed what I was saying."

Bellevue also noted that it was getting late, and she figured Gallagher was her best option for the time being.

The pair have been regularly seeing each other ever since, but never during daylight.

Gallagher prefers to hangout anytime after 10:30 p.m. - this is because he takes his classes very seriously, and doesn't want to be distracted during the day, he told Bellevue.

Despite these late hours, Bellevue has never spent an entire night at Gallagher's house, nor has he spent the night at hers.

"Chase says he can't fall asleep if he's not in his own bed, or if he's sharing his bed with someone else," Bellevue said. "I know he's lying, but I have an 8:3o most mornings, so I guess it's not the worst thing in the world."

Gallagher explained he doesn't use Tinder because he's "not into hook-ups," and the only reason he has the app on his phone is because he keeps forgetting to delete it.

She found this to be less charming, but amusing nonetheless.

"It's difficult to explain how, but I really think this is going to make me a better person in the long run," Bellevue said.

But Bellevue has found Gallagher's communication habits particularly difficult to justify.

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Last Friday, Bellevue asked Gallagher if he wanted to get lunch with her in an effort to spice up the couple's routine and potentially advance their relationship to the next step. Gallagher ignored her text for fifteen hours, and attributed his late response to "playing Fifa with the boys."

He then texted Bellevue that she could swing by his house later that night, it just had to be after his fraternity party.

"I believe you learn something in every relationship," Bellevue said. "So far, Chase has really helped teach me to repress the voice in my head telling me to find a man who is worth my time."

When asked about his relationship with Bellevue, Gallagher kept his comments brief.

"I mean, yeah, Courtney and I have been hanging out," Gallagher said. "When you guys talked to her, she didn't make it sound like we were, like, anything serious, right?"