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Friend, foe or neither?

Guy in hallway just housemate's hookup, not intruder

Though, Ellis admitted, he did not look threatening, the man's presence was initially disconcerting, as she lived with three other women. One of them was in a relationship, but it was long-distance.

The man, Ellis said, was "pretty short," wearing thick glasses and an unbuttoned Vineyard Vines shirt over a Vineyard Vines t-shirt, indicating he had come from Uptown Oxford. Once Ellis noticed the whales on his clothes, she said, she was relieved.

"At that point, I knew the guy was there to hook up with one of my housemates and not to rob us," she said.

But, she still wondered: which one was he there for?

As Ellis passed the man (later identified as Todd Hammerman of a business fraternity; at press time, Ellis' housemates were still not sure which one) in the hallway, she debated which one of her housemates Hammerman was waiting on to come out of the bathroom.

Both of her single housemates, Kylie Patterson and Emily Frankel, were sort of into short guys. But Frankel had yet to acknowledge that fact, Ellis thought, so was that why she was sneaking Hammerman into their home in the cover of night?

Patterson could also very well be preparing to hook up with Hammerman in the bathroom, Ellis thought, because she had just said a few days ago at Hot Dog Happy Hour she was "ready to mingle" after a romance-free summer.

While she deliberated, Ellis said, she offered Hammerman water and Milano cookies, both of which he declined.

"I'm good," Hammerman reportedly told her.

Ellis retreated to her bedroom, at which point Patterson texted their group chat, "Are we being robbed?", confirming that it was, in fact, Frankel who had brought the boy home.


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