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Do you remember the 21st night of September? Red Zone does.

Red Zone is an area upstairs in the Armstrong Student Center typically used as a hangout for watching sports with friends. However, on Sept. 21, Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) took over to host a karaoke night for about 20 people. 

Some came in groups and others came by themselves. They sang silly songs with their friends or braved one alone. The event kicked off 9 p.m. and got off to a slow start, but a half hour later, everyone in attendance had fallen into a nice rhythm, taking turns singing songs of their choosing. 

Song choices ranged from 2000s pop anthems and country love songs to rock ballads and rap classics. Two friends channeled childhood nostalgia and sang a duet of “Bop to the Top” from “High School Musical” and another pair showcased their Spanish skills in an attempt at “Suavemente.” 

Everyone who stepped on stage belted off-pitch and off-beat but with the confidence of a seasoned recording artist on tour. They all filled their performances with head rocking, hip bobbing and foot tapping. The stage presence may not have been there, but the authenticity was. 

Typically, karaoke is for people who don’t have much experience singing to come and sing their hearts out, and that’s exactly what happened over the weekend.

The inspiration for the karaoke night came from students’  love for karaoke and the excitement previous events have generated — MAP usually hosts a karaoke night about once a month.

MAP Director of Arts and Entertainment Mallory Woods, explained the best parts about karaoke nights. 

“It gives [students] a way to express themselves however they want, with whatever song, or come and be silly with their friends,” Woods said. 

She said it is fun to watch everyone sing, and especially likes it when people go up to sing multiple times. 

During Saturday’s event,  one student in particular was a big hit: senior Clayton Musick, who sang multiple rock songs, his favorite genre. 

“It’s a rebellious genre and it’s welcoming of all styles and expression,” he said.

In contrast to many karaoke-goers, Musick came alone to the event simply because he loves performing. His energy on stage kicked the night off and kept it going.

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Unfortunately, that energy was short-lived, and the event began to falter  around 10:15. 

Still, the people who came to Red Zone for karaoke had a good time, whether they enjoyed watching, singing and clapping along or they got up on stage themselves. People slowly trickled out in groups until only karaoke enthusiast Musick was left.

MAP is presenting a skate-in showing of “Rocketman” at Goggin Ice Center on Friday, September 27 from 9:30 pm-12:00 am. Students can enjoy ice skating while watching the movie along with free food and skate rentals.