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Scotty's corporate declares bankruptcy, Oxford location remains open

Scotty's Brewhouse declared bankruptcy at a corporate level, but the Oxford location is independently owned and will remain open.

On Saturday, July 20, Scotty's filed for bankruptcy. A spokesperson from corporate could not be reached for comment, but Shawn Dickens, the Oxford location's general manager, said the company has been mismanaged and struggled to make a profit for the past two years.

Oxford's branch doesn't have any financial struggles, Dicken said. The management for the restaurant on College Avenue was previously run by corporate but will now be run by the Oxford location.

"Our store has, over the past year, been the best operating store in the company, so it was a no brainer for us to stay open without the company," Dickens said.

To distance itself from the Scotty's brand, Dickens said the Oxford store will change its name. They already have chosen a new name but are not releasing it yet. The name will be implemented in late September or early October.

Dickens said they also plan to alter the menu to remove items that don't sell well and add new foods such as quesadillas. These changes will occur in about two months.

The Oxford restaurant is retaining all current staff.

Scotty's is closing four locations in Indiana that are owned by corporate. Two independent locations in Illinois will remain open. It's unclear if the Scotty's location in Missouri, which is also independent, will remain open.

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