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Miami student who kept 'hit list' to face grand jury

Miami University student Cameron Wallace, is waiting while the Butler County grand jury decides whether they will charge him with a felony.

The Oxford Police Department (OPD) arrested Wallace last month after he threatened to "shoot up" his fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, and OPD found a "hit list" of fraternity brothers he wanted to kill.

Wallace's case was bound over, or handed off, to a grand jury of his peers after a preliminary hearing in the Butler County Area 1 Court on Thursday, May 30 in the Oxford Courthouse.

The Oxford Courthouse can only hear misdemeanor cases, so the grand jury will decide if Wallace, who faces charges of aggravated menacing and making a terrorist threat, will be indicted for a felony.

If they charge him with a felony, Wallace will be prosecuted in the Butler County Court of Commons. If they choose not to indict him, the charges can reduced to a misdemeanor heard by the Oxford Courthouse in Area 1 court, or they can be dismissed entirely.

These charges come from a complaint filed on April 30 with Butler County Area Courts that stated that Wallace had threatened fellow members in Alpha Sig.

Frank Schiavone, Wallace's attorney, said that the court agreed to send both charges to the grand jury.

Grand jury hearings are sealed. The meetings are kept private between the defendant, the prosecutor and the jury, and the date of the hearing is not a part of the public record. The grand jury will hear evidence pertaining to the charges against him before deciding whether or not to indict him, Schiavone said.

"We're just waiting for the case to presented to the grand jury," Schiavone said. "Because everything is confidential, we don't have a date."

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