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Rest of friend group unsure how to proceed after Beth admits Kevin has always been her favorite Jonas Brother

Friends Maddie Miller, Kaitlyn Burnett and Claire Jacobs, all seniors, held an emergency meeting the night of Sunday April 7 -- without their friend, Beth Pullman -- to discuss her standing.

The group learned the day before, April 6, during a discussion about the Jonas Brothers' recent comeback, that Pullman's favorite band member has always been, "and always will be," according to her, Kevin Jonas.

Jacobs said she was "really surprised" by Pullman's statement, and wondered if maybe she'd made it ironically.

"Beth loves attention," Jacobs said. "And this definitely got our attention."

Burnett agreed, saying she was used to Pullman's "attention whore" ways, but questioned why her friend hadn't tried something less offensive to the rest of the group.

"She usually just texts her ex," Burnett said, then clarified: "The gross one, with the Tamagotchi and the trenchcoat."

Miller said she felt compelled to defend Pullman, since she once favored Kevin, too. In 2007, Miller recalled, she had a poster of him she'd ripped out of J-14 magazine taped to her bathroom mirror.

"Well, it wasn't a poster, exactly," Miller said. "I don't think they made Kevin posters. But he was definitely on the page."

After the Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock's" release in 2008, though, Miller realized Nick Jonas was her favorite Brother, and maybe the only man she'd ever love.

"What?" said her boyfriend, who spoke to The Student on the condition of anonymity.

The friends deliberated for most of Sunday night about whether to keep Pullman in the group or oust her. Pullman waited, in the home all four share, in her and Burnett's room.

"It would be really awkward if they kicked me out now," Pullman said. "I'm not, like, super attached to these people, but I'm also not gonna make new friends one month before graduation."

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As Pullman began deliberating whether she really needed to make new friends since she'd be starting an internship at P&G in Chicago in one month and would probably never see these people again, Burnett called her back into the living room.

Jacobs and Burnett issued their verdict to a visibly apathetic Pullman, who scrolled through Instagram while her housemates spoke.

"We've decided to keep you as a friend," Jacobs said. "Because, while we don't agree with or condone your life choices ..."

" ... It could be worse," Burnett said. "At least you didn't know who Olivia Jade was before the college admissions scandal."