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Local woman debates whether to stop by office hours as suggested

Sophomore Karen Bailey, 19, was spotted anxiously pacing outside her history professor's office in Upham Hall on the afternoon of Monday, April 23.

Bailey said Byron Fields' office door was ajar, possibly for welcoming students in to chat. However, she said she also heard some papers rustling, which meant he was probably busy.

"He definitely seemed frustrated last Thursday when he asked why none of us except that kiss-ass in the front row were going to office hours," Bailey said. "But there are, like, a lot of us, so if we all went he'd probably be annoyed."

Bailey arrived at Upham approximately 20 minutes into Fields's scheduled office hours, which she meticulously timed so she would seem conscientious but not irritatingly enthusiastic.

As she climbed the stairs to the second floor of the academic building, Bailey contemplated whether she really needed to consult Fields on her recent paper. She'd learned a ton about the American Civil War in high school, so she felt pretty confident she nailed this essay on why Abraham Lincoln was actually a dick. Bailey had even done some of the readings for this unit.

Fields said he was well aware of Bailey's presence outside his office, and wished she would just make up her mind already, because the sound of her Hunter boots squeaking back and forth on the hallway tile floor was getting annoying.

"I already read her paper, and would be more than happy to suggest some edits," Fields said. "It would probably take five minutes. Maybe 10, if she wants to discuss the rest of the paper, too, but I have office hours until 3 p.m. and it's only, what, 1:15?"

At press time, Bailey decided that she probably shouldn't bother him, and that she would totally start going to office hours next semester.

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