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Bitten at Brick: assault outside Brick Street Bar & Grill

Chaos erupted in the line outside Brick Street Bar & Grill at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 24, when a female Miami University student bit another student in an attempt to move further up in the queue.

The line to enter Brick Street can get quite long on Saturday nights, and a first-year named Mallory said she was waiting her turn to enter when sophomore Grace, who was behind her, tried to push her way through. According to the police report, Mallory said that she could not move in the crowded line, and Grace, who "appeared very intoxicated," attacked her.

The Oxford Police Department (OPD) wrote on its Facebook page that "the suspect, while mad with rage, bit the shoulder of the girl in front of her." She also dug her nails in and scratched all along Mallory's arm. Grace grabbed Mallory's stomach, injuring her there and scratching her "all to heck," the post read.

Mallory went to McCullough-Hyde to receive treatment for her minor injuries before returning to Anderson Hall, where OPD responded to her complaint later that day around 1:30 p.m.. The suspect was not apprehended that night. It is unknown whether Grace made it into Brick Street or not.

Police took photo evidence of the scratches on Mallory's arm and abdomen. The bite on her left shoulder, however, did not leave a lasting mark.

Mallory identified her attacker and decided to press charges, so OPD issued a warrant. Grace was arrested, posted bond and will face arraignment at the Oxford Courthouse on Thursday, March 14, where she will enter her plea. She faces a first-degree misdemeanor charge of assault.

Mallory refused to comment, and Grace did not respond to requests for comment.