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Miami First Year Feeling Serious Breakfast Vibes

First-year Kayla Walton is seriously vibing with her oatmeal this morning.

"I literally woke up and was just, like, really feeling my breakfast, you know?" the Media and Culture major told The Miami Student.

Her detailed Instagram post features a professional-grade shot of her Trader Joe's breakfast ensemble, a glimpse of the bohemian "Live, Laugh, Love" poster adorning her dorm wall, and a bold Clarendon filter.

"I looked at my fair-trade oatmeal and just thought, like, 'This is just so me'!" Walton asserted, "I try to keep my circle close, so I put the pic on Snap and Insta, so my besties could flow with the general vibe I was riding."

The oatmeal photo has reached over 350 likes on Instagram. In order not to "flex too hard", the first-year from Kettering, Ohio kept her LuLulemon jeans out of the shot she posted.

Further inquiry and thorough investigation into Walton's online presence shows that she undeniably "keeps it 100." Meticulously selected Post Malone quotes rest with intent under "genuine and completely unstaged" candids of herself and her sorority sisters.

A photo of Walton in a field of sunflowers looking off into the distance, appropriately captioned "so long high school, see ya never" is her most popular submission to date, with 412 likes and countless comments of extreme adoration penned by people Walton does not know.

"I feel like it's so important to stay in touch with those close to you," Walton maintains. "My sorority sisters need to know, like, who's feeling what and when, so like, I feel like my post really contributed to the culture."

When asked to what culture she was referring, Walton did not respond. Outside of her interest in organic oatmeal, Walton also enjoys using emojis, quoting "The Office," and asserting that her life could "like, totally be a sitcom."

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