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ASG nixes internal banquet funds, elects senators to select new BoT student representative

Miami University's Associated Student Government (ASG) voted to approve their internal budget at their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2 after removing funds previously allocated to an ASG banquet. They also approved two senators to serve on the search committee to find a new student representative for Miami's board of trustees (BoT).

Senators created an internal budget document to determine which amounts of money would be designated for various tasks throughout the school year. It was presented to the group at their meeting on Sept. 25, and they waited to vote until last week.

One concern addressed was the $2,560 allocated to a banquet for ASG senators. Some senators saw this allocation hypocritical because ASG does not allow other organizations to use their funds to purchase food.

This amount made up 75 percent of their communications budget, which means the majority of the money dedicated to promoting their "services"was used on this one banquet.

Senators voted to take all of the money from the banquet budget and to keep it for when "something more important" comes up in the future. However, they did not elaborate as to what would qualify as such.

After making this amendment, they unanimously voted to approve the new budget.

Senior professional writing and political science double major Hallie Jankura and junior political science and integrated social studies education major Megan Cremeans explained what the role of a student trustee entails to the Senators.

Student trustees work as non-voting members on the BoT to help board members understand the student experience.

Jankura is graduating this spring, and her two-year term ends halfway through next semester.

ASG voted on two senators to serve on the search committee for Jankura's replacement.

Sophomore political science and black world studies major Jannie Kamara, senior psychology major Monica Venzke, and senior urban and regional planning and economics major James Gale ran for the search committee positions. First-year human capital management and leadership major Spencer Silbey and first-year political science major Chelsea Kao also ran for the position.

After all five candidates presented why they were running and responded to questions from the audience, the senators elected Gale and Kamara. The two senators will join others on the committee in an effort to choose the best candidate for student trustee.

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The committee will interview candidates and make a selection. They will then send their recommendation to the governor of Ohio, who will make the final decision.

Check and next week's issue for updates on the search for the new student trustee.