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Humor: Man with feminist laptop sticker must be friend to women everywhere

Sophomore Lily Davidson was relieved to learn that the boy who had harassed her at The Woods over the weekend of Sept. 14 has a feminist laptop sticker, and therefore must be a friend to women everywhere.

Junior Jason Todd's hot-pink "The Future is Female" sticker, which is sandwiched between "Rick and Morty" and dabbing Squidward stickers in the lower-left corner of his laptop, caught Davidson's attention when she saw him in Kofenya on Sunday.

"I thought he was so creepy when I saw him out Friday night," Davidson said. "I wish I would've seen his laptop earlier."

Davidson said she now regrets making up a fake boyfriend in order to get the "very persistent" Todd to leave her and her friends alone.

"I probably should've just let him grind on us," Davidson said. "Now that I know about the feminist sticker, I know he didn't mean it in, like, a creepy way."

Todd's sister's sorority grand-big, Margot Thomas, said she gave Todd the feminist sticker after she accidentally ordered two from Thomas would have given it to Todd's sister, she said, but she already had one.

Todd was initially concerned that the hot pink would clash with the mostly earth-toned aesthetic of his laptop stickers, but resolved the issue by adding a neon-green pineapple sticker and another bright pink one, encouraging "good vibes only."

"I feel like [the laptop] looks dope now," Todd said.

Todd's mother, Diane Hathaway, said she wasn't aware that her son had added the feminist laptop sticker to his collection since starting his junior year, but that he "better be respecting women down at school."

"At the very least, I expect him to treat them like human beings," Hathaway said. "It's a lot to ask, I know, but we really stressed to him growing up that women are people, too."

Hathaway said she's "pretty confident" that Todd practices what his laptop sticker preaches, because once when she ran out of tampons, he reluctantly offered to run to CVS and buy some.

"I didn't make him go, of course," Hathaway said. "That would have been a little much."

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Todd said he tries to respect women on a regular basis. For example, he said, last Friday he went home with a girl from Brick Street Bar & Grill. When she told him she didn't want to have sex, he only asked her to reconsider twice.

When asked if he considers himself a feminist, Todd said he wasn't sure he would use "such a strong term" to describe himself, but that he's "all for" women's rights.

"People keep asking me what I think about women's rights," Todd said. "What about men's, though? I don't think we talk about that enough."