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Black Action Movement 2.0: We demand more than recognition

Since its founding in 1809, Miami University has failed to cultivate a culture that is welcoming and receptive for its Black students. Historically, the actions taken by administration, while recognized, simply are not enough. We, the Black Action Movement 2.0 (BAM 2.0), on behalf of Miami University's Black community, are holding administration accountable for effectively combating the issues plaguing its Black students. Therefore, these are our demands.

1. We demand that Miami University identifies space on campus for the construction of a new building to serve as the Office of Diversity Affairs (ODA) that will be open and welcoming to all marginalized student groups.

This space must be identified by August 31, 2018.

2. We demand a considerable uptick in the number of racially diverse students, faculty, and staff populations of Miami University's Oxford Campus through:

The student population reflecting the demographics of comparable Ohio public universities: six percent Black students, six percent Hispanic, four percent Asian (domestic), two percent Native American by 2025.

Increase the percentage of ethnically diverse faculty to 25 percent by 2028.

The expansion of the Cincinnati Scholars Program to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Chicago by 2022.

The reconstruction of the Bridges program by implementing qualifications for attending the program based on marginalized identities, including first generation for academic year 2018-19.

3. We demand a comprehensive report from Dr. Ron Scott, Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity, including:

The initiatives and accomplishments of his office from academic year 2013-14 through 2017-18.

A copy of the job description of Dr. Ron Scott, Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity.

This demand must be met by April 6, 2018 and sent via email to

4. We demand Miami University revise the "Discrimination & Harassment" section of the Code of Conduct.

This demand must be met by June 1, 2018.

5. We demand Miami University creates a sanctioned adjudication process to address acts of racism and discrimination with clearly defined disciplinary actions for reported students, staff and faculty.

This demand must be met by June 1, 2018.

6. We demand that Miami University send a notice of adjudication to the student responsible for posting the offensive, derogatory and direct remarks via Snapchat regarding Black students who were engaging in lawful protest on March 26, 2018.

This demand must be met by June 30, 2018, pursuant to demand five.

7. We demand incident reporting forms to be more accessible and visible to students, faculty and staff by:

Having the Dean of Student's office include discussion on discrimination and harassment during their summer orientation session revolving around "community expectations, personal responsibility, and student safety."

Training faculty, staff and student employees to navigate incident reporting forms.

Requiring Resident Assistants to inform residents of the process of accessing incident reporting forms.

Spelling out the "Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity" on the MyMiami homepage as a Quick Link.

Administering a quick and efficient means of educating all current Miami students -- on all campuses -- on how they can access this link.

This demand must be completed by April 13, 2018.

8. We demand the implementation of diversity and inclusion training for all incoming students, current students, and faculty and staff on all Miami University campuses (Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown, West Chester and Luxembourg).

This demand must be implemented by the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year.

9. We demand transparency in the form of monthly reports from the university on updates of the following initiatives:

Dr. Coates' "2017 Presidential Task force on Diversity and Inclusion"

The search process for the next Dean of Students.

Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI)

BAM 2.0 demands

This demand shall be emailed out to the student body by the last day of every month of the academic school year.

10. We demand a meeting with the following administrators:

Dr. Greg Crawford, University President

Dr. Ron Scott, Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity

Dr. Jayne Brownell, Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Mike Curme, Dean of Students

Dr. Kelley Kimple, Director of the Office of Diversity Affairs

The date for this meeting will be determined by BAM 2.0 and an invitation will be emailed to all parties by April 6, 2018.

This letter was edited to fit this space.

Visit BAM 2.0's Facebook page for more info and a longer version of this letter.