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Humans of Oxford: Jack Bellinger: Aspiring radio personality

It's a quiet Tuesday in Williams Hall. Groups of students are gathered around small study tables, and the TV plays recent student media projects. First-year Jack Bellinger walks through the lobby and up to the second floor.

His Beats headphones play pump-up music to get him in the zone. He enters the recording studio and is greeted by his three friends, who will all turn into co-hosts at 4 p.m.

He takes his place -- the chair on the right side of the studio, closest to the door. He replaces his Beats with the studio headphones, grabs the mic and in 3..2..1...

It's showtime.

Jack is the proud host of a radio show called "Doddfathers and JB." The show is affectionately named after the co-hosts, who all live in Dodds Hall, with the exception of Jack. Jack and his three friends use their time in the radio studio to discuss pop culture topics and "anything that's going on." In addition to their general rants about recent happenings, they also produce an advice segment, which is Jack's favorite.

"I like to use my talents to help the Miami community. I help guests out with their problems and make their days a little better."

Jack started his radio show in the first semester of the school year because he was looking for something fun and unique to do.

"How many freshmen can say they have their own radio show?" Jack said. "It makes me stand out."

Broadcasting for an hour every week has also helped Jack develop his speaking and improv skills. A live broadcast requires quick thinking and the ability to come up with fast and relevant responses. Jack used these new talking skills during the fraternity rush process, when he had to meet new people and have conversations with them.

"Doddfathers and JB" broadcasts every Tuesday at 4 p.m. on the RadioFX app.

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