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Market Uptown brings groceries to students

Fridge and Pantry, a new Uptown market, will open its doors in January. Both a deli and a grocery, the new business also boasts additional amenities including a smoothie and growler bar.

Co-founder Cody Costanzo, a Miami alumnus, wanted to offer students a unique and convenient option for groceries and casual dining in Oxford.

"The whole concept came from convenience," said Costanzo.

This convenience extends beyond its location on Church Street -- the spot that formerly housed Mexican restaurant La Pinata. Fridge and Pantry will also offer a same-day delivery service for students living on and off campus. Students will have the ability to order any item from the grocery for delivery groceries via the Fridge and Pantry app.

While delivery will be a large part of Fridge and Pantry's business, the storefront itself provides an upscale grocery and dining experience. The wood detailing throughout the store originated from a barn built in Kirksville, Ind. Costanzo said the barn was standing for more than 100 years, and now he hopes it will represent a strong foundation for his new business.

The market held an open house last Thursday, which Constanzo said was very successful.

The bread received the most compliments, he said, and a total of 350 smoothie cups were given to visitors. The store's bread will be delivered daily from 16 Bricks Artisan Bakehouse in Cincinnati.

Fridge and Pantry will also be hiring students to work at the store. Currently, 32 students have already received training from Boar's Head, the company that will provide meat and cheese for the deli. During the training, the employees learned how to properly use the meat slicer and had the opportunity to try samples of sandwiches.

Sophomore Alexa Baldari has already received employment from the market and enjoyed the samples she received at training.

"The food was really good. It will definitely be successful," Baldari said of the new shop.

Fridge and Pantry will hold a soft opening on Jan. 2, when the majority of students will not be on campus. The date of the store's official opening has not yet been set.

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