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Catch some thrills at White Rock Park

Video by Chandler Williams

White Rock Park, located in St. Paul, Indiana, is a convenient hour and a half out of Oxford and about 45 minutes southeast of Indianapolis. Consisting of legal cliff-jumping, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, zip-lining, rope-swinging, overnight-camping, the park is a great weekend-getaway for those who enjoy adventurous and minimalistic times.

The environment welcomes people of all ages so long as people under the age of 18 have waiver signed by a legal guardian. General admission costs $15 but the prices slightly increase if you choose to scuba dive, fish, or camp out for the night.

Most cliff-jumping sites are illegal as they can be dangerous. While it is no high-diving site is foolproof of risk and potential harm, the three-quarry oasis is unique in that it is recognized as a legal and safe atmosphere for these types of activities.

White Rock has been a family-owned property for more than three decades. Their mission statement is to provide a family-friendly environment for adventure-seekers who can enjoy their time making unique memories.

I have visited a number of times over the years and every single time, it is nothing but good times all day and all night. This past summer, I had a blast working on a video project with White Rock. Not only was the atmosphere itself filled with great moments, the creation of this video was just as fun. My goal was to experience, capture, and share "the White Rock experience" accurately. While not everything that was experienced was filmed and while not everything that was filmed made it in this edit, I feel it successfully portrays a weekend at White Rock in the span of one minute.

For more information, you can check them out on their website. Show them some love and support by following them on Instagram @whiterockpark.