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TMS Travel: Spring Break Edition

From the base of an Icelandic glacier to a peak in the Appalachian Mountains, writers at The Miami Student captured their spring break travel experiences, both in words and photos.

Maddie LaPlante-Dube muses on the mystical nature of Iceland's Brei\0xF0amerkurjoekull Glacier. All throughout her trip the country, its impossible landscapes had felt like a facade. Read her story here.

Chris Warren really needed a change of scenery. It took a semester to muster up the courage to even apply to the study abroad program, but this spring, Warren has been exploring the Andes Mountains in Chile and, in the process, rediscovering himself. Read his story here.

Jake Gold wasn't quite ready for "The People's Market" of Colombia. Though the Mercado de Bazurto lacks romanticism and polish, the market is purely and authentically Colombian. Read his story here.

As Devon Shuman hiked down the trail to Horseshoe Bend, 20 miles south of the Utah border, he was surrounded by bland and sandy terrain. But, the second the trail curved to reveal his destination, he was entranced by the view of the vast, U-shaped canyon that spread out before him. Read his story here.

Angela Hatcher didn't know if she could make it to the top. Her pack bearing down on her back and clothes soaked with sweat, hiking the rest of the way up the mountain seemed like an impossibility, but that's what she came to do, so up she went. Right foot, left foot...Read her story here.