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Humans of Oxford: Colton Rowell

By Elizabeth Hansen, Assistant Culture Editor

When Colton Rowell moved to Hudson, Ohio he wasn't just in a new place; he had a new identity -- Dave Franco.

Now, what does Colton, who is a member of Cru, MUSA, MUSF, Pi Sigma Epsilon and Delta Tau Delta, and who is also a campus tour guide, have in common with the actor?

They look identical.

While studying abroad in Spain this summer, Colton was living in a hostel with four other strangers. Two of his roommates were teenage girls visiting from London.

"The first day and a half [the one girl] said nothing, but she honestly believed Dave Franco was sleeping a few feet from her," said Colton.

When the girls saw Colton two days later, they couldn't stop laughing.

"This was our first interaction, so my friend and I were just standing there. We had just changed, and they were just laughing at us. I was very, very confused," said Colton.

The girls went on to explain they thought Colton was, in fact, Dave Franco.

This happens often when Colton meets new people.

"When I came [to Miami] it was everyday at least five times -- 'have you ever heard you look like Dave Franco?' And I'm like, 'once or twice.'"

Now, he even responds to Dave.

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"Our fraternity has to do a bandstand event [for Greek Week]. There are only a couple of us signed up to do it, and I told them I'd be late," he said.

"But we need Dave Franco!" they responded.

As a tour guide, Colton is constantly meeting new people. And new people are constantly meeting Dave Franco.

"At the end of the presentation all the tour guides walk to the front and [introduce themselves]. I'll say, 'Hey I'm Colton. I'm a sophomore from Hudson, Ohio.'"

And almost every time, he sees a girl's phone pop up to take a picture.

But this small-town Ohio celebrity isn't affected by the paparazzi. He just likes to help individuals.

"Personally, I'm all about relationships and living well through helping others, making strong relationships, having friends and always being a kind face when people need it."

A kind, Dave Franco-resembling face.