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Cocaine deaths bring hard drug use into necessary light

Yesterday, the Oxford Police Department released a warning to residents about a possible "particularly dangerous" batch of cocaine out on the streets. This announcement comes in the wake of the deaths of two non-student residents of Oxford, a man and a woman both in their twenties, found dead on Saturday. The exact cause of death, police said, will not be determined for several weeks until the toxicology tests come back, but cocaine use is suspected cause in both cases.


Other serious problems on Miami's campus stem from alcohol abuse

If there's been one overwhelming constant in feedback from the student community at Miami, it's that it feels like The Miami Student's coverage of alcohol use on campus is personal. It's an attack on the students. It's an affront to their culture, to the release that they take in hanging out with their friends. It's an insult to what they like to do. It's elitist. It's inconsiderate.


The 'Good Samaritan' rule: A vital but flawed policy

As the memory of last weekend's hospital palooza is still fresh in the minds of the Miami community, it is important to further discuss Miami's alcohol policy and the effects it has on students' behavior. Specifically, it's vitally important to review Miami's "Good Samaritan" policy, as it is one that can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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