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With the hectic travel schedule, Fisher’s daily schedule leaves little room for anything other than golf and academics

A college experience unlike any other: life as a Division I golfer

Playing college golf is a truly unique experience. Players must stay on top of their academics during a season that spans almost the entire academic year, and they must focus on their individual performance while also finding ways to create a strong team. With all of this going on, what is life really like as a Division I college golfer? 

Despite only playing one season at Miami, Escala made his impression felt

Willie Escala’s journey to the World Baseball Classic is about cherishing opportunity and an insatiable love for the game

Miami Baseball alum Willie Escala has been on a whirlwind of a journey through his baseball career, but the stop he remembers the most is with Team Czech Republic at the World Baseball Classic. The experiences he had and the lessons he learned from his teammates and other teams help contribute to an insatiable love for the game: