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Behind the Brick - Dog Training, Engineering, and Hockey, Oh My!

On this episode of Behind the Brick (BTB), host Skyler Perry sits down with Isabelle Aerni to discuss some of her current passions like hockey and dog training. The Miami University junior also shares details about her major and how she has learned to handle its lack of women. BTB will be released bi-weekly on Fridays. The inspiration for the podcast is to reveal the untold stories of the people of Oxford - students, residents, professors, and everyone in between. The closest print analog would be a profile or culture story.


My picky boyfriend

I’m from California. I like avocado toast and anything dairy free, and I watch my added sugars. My boyfriend is from Connecticut, so burgers, mozzarella sticks, breakfast sandwiches and blue Gatorade are all up his alley.  We have a hard time eating food together.


Why food is worth studying

After finishing the assigned reading for my literary capstone, instead of just writing a discussion post or a paper, I roll up my sleeves and head to the kitchen. While I don’t consider myself a foodie, I am obsessed with eating and how we eat because it all means something more than just consuming.  

Junior infielder Adriana Barlow gets ahold of a pitch during Wednesday's 15-2 win over Western Kentucky.

Redhawks mercy rule Colonels 15-2

After senior starting pitcher Taylor Rathe tossed a scoreless first frame, the Miami bats went to work. A hit by pitch, error and a walk loaded up the bases with no outs. The cleanup hitter, junior shortstop Adriana Barlow, stepped up to the plate. A quick flick of her wrists shot the ball into right field, where the strong winds carried it over the fence for a grand slam and a 4-0 lead.


A pizza style contest: New York vs. Chicago

Being from Chicago, I find myself in many discussions with people at Miami that involve the words “Chicago pizza” and “New York style is better.” Everyone always wants to argue, and I can’t just back down — Chicago pizza takes so much heat and someone has to defend it. Yet on a recent trip to New York, I figured I ought to give their pizza another chance, to try once and for all to end an argument I previously believed had a clear winner.


Cocktail concoctions: Making vintage drinks with friends

One booze-based gift I got last Christmas stood out from the rest: a heavy glass cocktail mixer and a small paper booklet of drink recipes. As far as my roommates and I can figure out, the shaker and book are both from around the year 1960, so they’re basically artifacts from a lost age, I guess. And being the enterprising archeologists that we are, we sought to make use of these antique treasures. 

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