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Faculty members disagree with anonymous letter

As faculty and administrators involved in English language instruction, we strongly disagree with the opinion piece published on November 4, 2014, "Admitting international students for the wrong reasons," which unfairly and inaccurately characterizes international students as "academically unqualified."

Police are investigating swastikas and antisemitic posters found in the Miami University's campus.

The Miami Student’s response to the bomb threat showed a lack of initiative in writers

I am an alumnus of the Student and of WMSR. I now am an employee of a well respected, national, news organization ... and although I work in sports, I still am routinely searching for stories in order to break news, and also gained hard news experience by assisting more seasoned reporters on coverage in Ferguson, and subsequently Shaw, Missouri. When someone won't answer my questions (particularly in a situation like Ferguson/Hughes Hall bomb threat), that is not an infringement of freedom of the press ... that means I am just not asking the right people, which is why the editorial on the bomb threats at Hughes Hall was so UTTERLY disappointing.


A Miami faculty member paints a different picture of international students

I was born in Ghana and was two years old when my family immigrated to the United States. I am a 2004 graduate of Miami University, where I earned my master's degree in student affairs. And I returned to Miami in 2012 as an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership Department. And although I submitted my promotion and tenure materials on Aug. 15, I am still currently an untenured faculty member, which perhaps, makes me vulnerable. Even so, I attach my name to what I write below - Stephen John Quaye. I am not anonymous. I am a person - a parent of a nearly four-year-old, a friend, a brother, a faculty member and a human being who is deeply hurt by the comments by Anonymous Concerned Faculty Member on Nov. 4, 2014 in The Miami Student about international students. As a Ghanaian/African American man, I am underrepresented on Miami's campus. Yet, I returned to my home of Miami as a faculty member to support students who might feel isolated and excluded on this predominantly white campus, students who might feel further isolated and excluded given the sweeping generalizations made about international students by Anonymous Concerned Faculty Member.

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