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Letter to the Editor | Writer should be more open-minded on her Roman holiday

I studied abroad in Luxembourg from January to May 2014, and it was by far the greatest experience of my life. I grew into a self-sufficient and independent woman, made lifelong friends, and saw so many amazing and beautiful things in over 10 different countries; however, the most important part of my study abroad experience was the opportunity to experience cultures different from my own.


Letter to the Editor | Bishop Woods destruction hits too close to home

There has been major effort towards building on campus and I understand why this is necessary and desirable. I do not understand why some university officials decided to destroy Bishop Woods. Bishop Woods has been around since the start of the university in 1809 and contributes to Miami's unique charm. There used to be signs throughout the wildlife area saying, "Please … Help us maintain this area in a natural state by staying on the paths. Thank you!" We cannot keep the woods in its natural state if a lot of it is destroyed and the university kills many of its trees. As I was sitting in class in Upham Hall, I heard the piercing sound of numerous trees going through the wood chipper. All I could think in my head was, "Why?"


Letter to the Editor | Bishop Woods has unseen value

Today I walked into Upham Hall. I took the entrance near Bishop Woods. I saw the throngs bustling along. I saw people focused on their cell phones and engrossed in their conversations. I saw an empty bench facing the Upham Arch looking solemnly across the large manicured lawn. It reminds me of an empty pew in an old church. I find it ironic that the Bishop Woods sit behind this pew.


Letter to the Editor | Story about La Piñata showed racism on campus

I am writing to express my concern about the March 17th article, "Breaking open La Piñata: Mexican restaurant a hit in Oxford" by Juanita Gonzalez Valencia. The article praises La Piñata and its employee, Giovani Febus Rodriguez for the delicious food and warm atmosphere. However, the strongest message I got from the article was not about the restaurant, but about the writer's and editor's casual racism and gross lack of thought. In the first sentence of the article, Gonzalez Valencia stating that 'many' people describe Rodriguez as "the friendliest Mexican in town."


Letter to the Editor | Response to accusation of racism

In response to the letter by Anna Lucia Feldman, I feel compelled to point out, as the story itself did, that Giovani Febus Rodriguez is actually Mexican. Just because the writer referred to him as "Mexican," does not mean it's racist. It's not like he's from Venezuela and we called him Mexican. He's actually from Mexico.


Letter to the Editor | Professors should be required to take education classes

Without a doubt Miami University's classes are taught by some of the most brilliant minds in the country. However, when you go to sites such as, all too often the site is flooded with comments from students who feel that their professors are brilliant and great people, but the professor hindered their student's experience due to a lack of knowledge about education. As a senior in The College of Education, Health, and Society, we are taught and given many chances to experience that in order to get students to really learn and be able to think critically about information, it takes more than just a "professor" of knowledge and a student to sit there and soak it all up.


Letter to the Editor | Continuing the feminist fight: Gender inequality is still around and we need to face it

When reading Greta Hallberg's recent opinion piece, titled "Gender roles should not be up for partisan debate," I had two reactions. I was happy that a student was so moved by something she had learned in class, but I was befuddled by the conclusions she drew. I, like Ms. Hallberg, was disturbed that "only 60 percent of the population agreed" that "women should have an equal role as men in society," according to a 2008 survey. I subsequently learned that the results were a bit more complex, as respondents weren't asked to simply agree or disagree with the statement; they placed themselves on a scale of agreement. According to the survey website, Democrats and Republicans seemed just about as likely to lean toward gender equality, although those who deemed themselves to be "liberal" were more likely than those who labeled themselves as "conservative" to do so.


Letter to the Editor | We need to talk about race in order to empower our kids

This winter, students across the country celebrated Black History Month. They've read books by black authors, wrote research papers on civil rights activists, memorized Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, or watched videos about the Underground Railroad. And if they are taught honestly, as they learn about the struggle of the past, they'll begin to recognize it in their own present - when a cashier squints suspiciously when they walk into a store, when they turn on the news and see another person who looks like them lose his life to senseless violence. These lessons are anything but history.


Letter to the Editor | Despite opposition, Bishop Woods revamp seeks to be a positive change for Miami community

I am writing this letter to help clarify any misunderstandings that might have occurred regarding the changes being planned for Bishop Woods. The objective of the Bishop Woods plan, as outlined by Vincent Cirrito, who is Miami's landscape architect, is to "continue the transition of this woode-lot into a distinct landscape in the center of campus life that welcomes students, allows connections with nature, is safe throughout the day and season, educationally inspiring and a place to reflect while protecting the native species of trees, plants, birds and animals that call Bishop Woods home."


Letter to the Editor | Make Bishop Woods better without degrading it

I read with interest the Letter to the Editor about Bishop Woods by Vincent Cirrito, Miami's Landscape Architect, in Tuesday's issue of The Miami Student. Mr. Cirrito does an excellent job summarizing the unique history of this piece of natural forest between Hughes Laboratory and Upham, Culler and Shideler Halls. I also applaud his leadership in drafting a plan to make Bishop Woods more accessible. While that plan was only briefly described in his letter, I saw a more complete presentation of the plan on Feb 11, when it was presented to members of Miami University's Natural Areas Committee.

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