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Student speaks out on Sigma Nu hazing, depression

According to documents released by Miami University, "On April 3, 2015, photos were posted on SnapChat and a text message accompanied the photos noting that the pledges of Sigma Nu Fraternity were not allowed to take showers or shave and must drink 100 beers … The photos show men with tallies on their chest."


Letter to the Editor | Affirmative consent prevents poor excuses

In the recent opinion piece for The Student, the author expresses her belief that "teaching men not to rape" might propagate the problematic notion that rape arises out of a misunderstanding. We agree wholeheartedly that the often-touted 'grey area' of rape, which has been referenced in several ill-informed opinion pieces written previously for this paper, is a harmful but common misconception about the dynamics of acquaintance rape.


Letter to the Editor | College offers more mediums for coming out

College. It's basically a synonym for freedom, which is a synonym for autonomy, choice, nonconformity. Yes, this mostly comes from the removal of parents, from family rules that dictate how many hours you spend at church on Sunday, and even from the responsibility to take care of your dog, but what else is it about the college atmosphere that really allows young adults to explore a realm of openness that allows each person to become more in touch with their individual self?


Letter to the Editor | Marijuana’s benefits: Blazing the trail to legalization

Here at Miami, we are pretty much all capable of reading. We can sit down and look at a simple sentence and glean enough information from the words on the page to get an idea of what the writer meant. Especially when an idea is explicitly and obviously outlined. So already, at the ripe young age of 20, we are smarter than the 535 congressmen that run our country. Exhibit A: the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.


Letter to the Editor | Would you rather make an impact or make it big?

As we reach the end of the semester, many anxious seniors have questions and uncertainty nagging at the back of their brains. What now? Do I dive head first into that impressive company? Do I take the offer from the firm I interned with? Do I go to more school? Do I take a year or two to work for Ameri-Corps, the Peace-Corps or a another charitable non-profit? Do I spend the rest of my life working for an organization like that?

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