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‘First Stop’ on road to digital dining

First-year Chris Mattress takes advantage of one of the new touch screens to order food in First Stop on Tuesday, Sept. 23. First Stop is the first Miami dining center to offer electronic dining methods.


Sororities see skyrocketing numbers

NO FLASH IN THE PAN Greek Life, already a staple on Miami's campus, is only becoming more popular. Last year, more than 850 girls joined sororities. The number is expected to rise.


A ‘Destiny’ that falls slightly short

There's a moment when playing Destiny, when you look out into the distance. You see the beautiful world around you and just marvel at it. That moment is a microcosm of the game as a whole. That world looks beautiful and you want desperately to explore it, but you can't go beyond the built-in boundaries. In a game that does so much right, Destiny falls slightly short of achieving its potential.

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