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Working, day and night, to support family

It's after-hours. The next lot of drunk students line up at Pulley Diner to tame their appetites. For employees, this means it's time to get to work. Taking orders, cleaning up, passing out food when it's ready - all tasks that need to be accomplished no matter the time of day.


From prepping a kitchen to preparing for life

In the morning, Kristen Wright comes in to work at Maplestreet Station. She preps the kitchen for the day, turning on all of the equipment to heat up before preparing the fried rice, General Tso's chicken, dumplings and other fare for lunch at Pacific Rim.


Faculty, students express mixed feelings about Canvas

Miami University officially introduced students to a new online learning management system, Canvas, this fall. Over 800 colleges, universities and school districts in the U.S. are currently using it. Canvas will completely replace the old management system, Niihka, by fall of 2016.