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Letter to the Editor: A certified majority of full-time faculty at Miami say they want a union, so why won't Miami LET US VOTE?

(09/01/22 6:00pm)

As students, staff and faculty start the new school year, the Faculty Alliance of Miami (FAM) continues its efforts to build a better Miami for everyone. With faculty and community support, FAM enjoyed significant success this year, clearing tough hurdles on the way to unionization with room to spare. Now, the state has confirmed that a majority of full-time faculty and librarians support FAM. The administration can do the right thing — and be fair to hundreds of faculty and librarians who deserve the chance to vote on unionization — by accepting FAM's proposed bargaining unit (full-time faculty and librarians) and moving forward with a union vote. Or they can continue to stall — spending more money on legal fees, wasting resources better spent on teaching and learning initiatives on campus.

Letter to the Editor: Dear Miami U, We are paying attention and committed to change

(08/02/22 1:00pm)

During the summer of 2020, Miami University students created the @dearmiamiu Instagram account. The account shared anonymous posts from students and alumni describing their experiences with racism, homophobia and other forms of hate, marginalization and exclusion as well as stories of sexual and interpersonal violence on Miami’s campuses. After a two-year hiatus, the account has become active again this summer. 

Letter to the Editor: Why I am opposed to faculty unionization at this point in time

(05/05/22 3:00pm)

There seems to be increased concern about the faculty’s voice in university governance and a concomitant rise in calls for faculty unionization in response.  What are the reasons for this at this point in time?  From the Faculty Alliance of Miami website, these reasons seem to be:

Letter to the Editor: DORA expansion proposal Op-Ed

(04/25/22 5:00pm)

Those of us in Miami’s Division of Student Life have had many conversations with students, colleagues and Oxford residents in recent weeks about the City of Oxford’s proposal to expand the Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) policy from a summer initiative to a year-round practice. DORA allows establishments in an area of Uptown to sell alcoholic beverages in designated cups that can be consumed outdoors in the DORA area from 11 a.m.- 11 p.m., seven days a week. Our understanding of the city’s motivation for this change is to bring more “vibrancy” to Oxford and to encourage more people to spend time Uptown.

A house divided: The Miami Patriot is a symptom

(04/28/21 1:00pm)

The Miami Patriot is a small online “newspaper” founded this year. According to its mission statement, The Patriot seeks to provide “an alternative to echo chambers that obstruct the free flow of ideas.” The irony that by establishing a purely conservative outlet, The Patriot created yet another echo chamber was evidently lost on its founders. 

Letter to the Editor: Hate-Free Campus Now

(09/29/20 8:30pm)

Fall at Miami should be a spectacular time. With the trees changing and clear skies filtering through those leaves which bud on the branches, it’s no wonder Miami brands itself “the most beautiful college that ever was.” Unfortunately, there’s something which ruins that view. Some of you may not have noticed the rectangular red-white-and-blue stickers popping up around campus recently. Maybe it’s because the brisk summer-fall air makes you walk a little bit faster to class, or because you’re enjoying a stroll with your friends. But, notice them or not, these little pieces of hatred adhere themselves to every light pole and every message board: propaganda from the white supremacist, neofascist hate group Patriot Front.

Letter to the Editor: For an Anti-Racist Miami, Listen to Students of Color

(07/28/20 10:00am)

On June 15, President Crawford announced the creation of a Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). According to The Miami Student of July 15, fifteen students have now resigned from the task force. Their statement (“We will not work for free”) indicates that they were discouraged by the selection of uninformed participants, use of committee time to bring them up to speed, lack of time for serious discussion, dismissal of student suggestions, and failure to deal in a timely fashion (or at all) with insensitive remarks by some members. Perhaps most disheartening was the “lack of authority … to successfully implement the solutions created.” Clearly, they felt that their time was being wasted.

Letter to the Editor: "We must do better moving forward"

(06/12/20 10:00am)

We members of the faculty and staff of the Miami University Department of Media, Journalism & Film are angered and saddened by the unjust killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others who have suffered as the result of police brutality and racist violence. These events highlight the endemic nature of racism and racist violence in the United States. We mourn with their families and communities and stand in solidarity with Black communities and the Black Lives Matter movement in the struggle for racial justice.