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Breaking through the post-spring break blues

(04/03/18 12:15pm)

Coming off a week of relaxation, good food and laundry machines that actually work, the return to Oxford can only mean one thing - we have to be responsible again. A few weeks ago, sitting around on a Sunday meant planning how we were going to spend our week of freedom. Now that we're back, Sundays mean cramming homework and dreading the weeks ahead.

Varsity League of Legends starts out strong

(02/20/18 10:00am)

With the formation of the first collegiate Division I Varsity E-sports program last year, League of Legends, the most popular game worldwide, has been a staple of Miami's program. After a disappointing semi-final finish last year, the Miami Varsity League of Legends team is out for revenge. Competing for their second time in the College League of Legends (cLol) tournament, the RedHawks have gone 4-1 through their first five weeks of regular season play.

Miami Dining: not by the student, not for the students

(02/13/18 12:00pm)

Amid the buzz and excitement of the beginning of the school year, there is one thing that always brings my spirits down: the first walk back to the dining halls. Coming off the luxury of home-cooked meals, fast food franchises and literally anything not made in giant sheet pans, that first swipe into the dining hall makes my stomach drop - surprisingly, it's the same feeling I get after leaving.

New year, same struggle

(02/08/18 3:59pm)

One of the most momentous occasions over winter break is undoubtedly the new year, a holiday when our younger selves struggled to stay up till midnight that now consists of getting drunk with our friends. However, for a holiday celebrated by all, there's nothing really special about it. For the most part, we watch TV, see dumb tweets about how bad the last year was and party.

Miami plan should let students take classes that interest them

(09/19/17 9:00am)

As the clock nears 2:50, I hurry across Cook Field. With my backpack on and phone in hand, I hustle into a crowded lecture hall full of students that are thoroughly disappointed class hasn't been cancelled - even more disappointed that we have an in-class assignment due for points that day. I take my seat toward the back, right next to my friend who does his other homework in class and the girl who shops for what dress she will wear to her next date party.

E-Sports: competition in full swing for Hearthstone and Overwatch

(04/04/17 9:00am)

On Saturday, March 18, while other students were looking forward to their spring break festivities, the Miami University Hearthstone team in King Library thought only of the round of 64. Gathered in the newly finished E-Sports arena, each player knew their hours of preparation and hard work led up to this moment.

E-Sports: undefeated Hearthstone Team to appear on national live stream

(03/14/17 9:00am)

For the past seven weeks, Miami's Varsity Hearthstone Team has been competing in the Tespa Hearthstone Collegiate League along with 235 other teams in the North Region. The North Region is one of the largests regions, encompassing the entire midwest, Central U.S. and the majority of Canada. Currently, they are sweeping the competition with a record of 6-0, solidifying a spot in the playoffs.

Friends: An unlikely solution to the omipotent drinking problem

(02/21/17 10:00am)

There has been a tremendous amount of talk around alcohol consumption recently, and rightfully so. With the tragic death of Erica Buschick and the 21 hospitalizations last week, Miami has received a wakeup call when it comes to drinking culture. Yet, while everyone points out that there is a problem, the one aspect that seems to rarely come up is the solution.